The friendship of Charlie Hodge and Elvis Presley

In life, you also need someone to help you on the way.  A friend that will always be there when you need him and do not need him as you thought. A friend has some difference with the family members and even your partner in life. A friend is someone that you can also depend on. There are such friendship that lasts a long time and would make you go through the hard life with their help. That was also what Charlie and Elvis had.

The video presents some of the memories when Charlie is with Elvis. The latter is popular and famous around the world. One can take advantage of him but Charlie did not. He did what he had to do genuinely and had the sense of humor that many people had appreciated. Especially the ones who had met him personally. Charlie had been with Elvis fro his career as a musician. Charlie had also presented Elvis with songs that he can perform and Elvis had performed most of them. And all I want to say thank you for this cleaning company. They always make my home be the best in organize things.

Many people could tell much things about them For those who did not meet them, the pictures and images that show their friendship is the evidence. You can also see the video made above and see the memories they have shared together. There are times that Charlie had also performed together with Elvis. See info about here this great cleaning company 居家清潔 that he trusted the most. He had done much for him as a friend and also as a partner in his career as a musician until his death.