Gospel Quartet

This singing style has its origin and history for long years. There are many singers who are into the gospel quartet. Until this time, there are many who are in this field. Even if many years have passed, this activity is still favored by those who like to listen to it. You may know some of the famous personas in the gospel quartet. You can watch in television or on the internet on Youtube singers who says they are performing as the gospel quartet.

One of the characteristics of the gospel quartet is singing harmoniously with others. It is not just one singer and so they should together sound to be in harmony. Its specific origin is not known because it has the shape not type of singing, the jubilee songs are performed, gospel songs are sung, even a 4-part singing of a hymn. The highest part of the song or performance is given to the tenor. The members of a quartet could switch in their roles during a performance. It has faced a competition against the Christian music that had made that is contemporary.

But in the 1990s a revival of the gospel quartet happened. Now you can see that there are still those who had performed before joining together to perform songs. They can make their voices be one. When they perform, they can do acapella or they can have a musical instrument to accompany them. It is great for many and they love them just as Charlie Hodge love it.